The Brothers’ Pasqualini craftmade shop (designer Mrs. Maria Grazia Pasqualini), located in Offida is a pillow lace tradition which has been handed on for three generations.

The craftmade shop boasts of quality brand “pillow lace of Offida” which guarantees the local originality of the lace.

The craftswomen make every kind of realization; super-refined the elements tied to the bride trousseaux: sheets, blankets, curtains, tablecloth and house vestments in general. The craftswomen are particularly appreciated and well known for their model originality which they design, make and customize using, even, the client’s tissue and pillow lace. At this purpose, with the continuous wish to test and create new solutions, was born the new collection of very elegant bride dress.

The Mrs. Maria Grazia Pasqualini CRAFTMADE TROUSSEAUX you could find in Offida, Via della Repubblica 75