For the items realization, unless otherwise requested, have been used the following materials:
Twine for the pillow lace realization: coatscucirini® (cotton)
Twine for embroideries and applications: DMC ® (cotton)
Linen: Bellora® (flax or mixed flax)

Rectangular doily
(art. 8491)

Rectangular doily ecrù-coloured with two lines of embroidery

dimensions: 75 x 24 cm

prices: 165,60 euro

Oval doily
(art. 8492)

Oval doily ecru-coloured.

dimensions: 36 x 28 cm

prices: 96,60 euro

Rectangular doily
(art. 8494)

Rectangular doily ecrù-coloured.

dimensions: 28 x 20 cm

prices: 110,40 euro

White rectangular doily
(art. 8495)

White rectangular doily with dressing embroidery and two little square of pillow lace (kind of manufacturing “ancient embroidery with little leaves”. The whole trimmed with decorations.

dimensions: 40 x 21 cm

prices: 62,10 euro

White rectangular doily
(art. 8496)

White-coloured rectangular doily

dimensions: 43 x 20 cm

prices: 124,20 euro

Ecrù doily with badges
(art. 8497)

Ecrù doily with embroidery on the sides and internally. To the edges are applied two angles of ecrù pillow lace and two badges ecrù and gold-coloured.

dimensions: 38 x 12 cm (badges  included)

prices: 51,75 euro EACH

Ivory table doily
(art. 8537)

Ivory table doily with pillow lace "ancient point", with embroidery refinements

dimensions: 106 x 40 cm

prices: 262,20 euro