table doily

For the items realization, unless otherwise requested, have been used the following materials:
Twine for the pillow lace realization: coatscucirini® (cotton)
Twine for embroideries and applications: DMC ® (cotton)
Linen: Bellora® (flax or mixed flax)

Table doily in ecrù
(art. 8543)

Table doily in ecrù applied on the linen 2000 Bellora, with 3 big rosettes in pillow lace "drop point" and inlaid on the hem and among the big rosettes

dimensions: 130 x 45 cm

prices: 235,75 euro

Table doily with rounds
(art. 8541)

Table doily with flower rounds, unspun and inlaid

dimensions: 116 x 45 cm

prices: 230,00 euro

Table doily in ecrù with squares
(art. 8539)

Table doily in ecrù with 3 squares of pillow lace with nets, embroidery at full point and inlaid

dimensions: 120 x 43 cm

prices: 247,25 euro